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We are a management consulting and interim executive firm that assists senior management teams of software, hardware & cloud-based technology companies.What type of assistance? The most common issues are a need to increase revenue, fix an existing business unit or product line, or change the strategic direction of the company. PJM can help with many strategic or tactical situations that call for special expertise, additional senior personnel or management bandwidth not currently available within your company.

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Management Consulting for Software & Hardware Companies

PJM Consulting can help improve your tech business in a number of ways.

Do you need an "outside view"; advice on strategy from someone who has "been there before"? We specialize in working with CEOs and senior management teams of software & hardware companies on the most difficult and pressing issues, often by helping to eliminate those very costly errors before they occur. We also provide assistance in the optimization of a company's structure, strategy and tactics when they are "in-flux" due to high growth, a turnaround or an M&A event.

PJM Consulting is not just your typical "strategy consulting" firm. We don't just write a report and move on. Even in a typical consulting assignment we tend to pitch in and get our hands dirty when needed. In addition, we can also provide operating executives on an "on-demand" basis. Do you currently have a hole in your team, and need an interim CEO, COO or VP Marketing? PJM can provide one.

Entering international markets or indirect distribution channels for the first time? PJM has many years of experience successfully planning and executing new domestic and international distribution strategies; we can head up the effort to get you off on the right foot.

Planning to make your first company acquisition or starting a new business division? Have some other new initiative or critical project, for which specific skills, experience or a proven leader is lacking? PJM can jumpstart these efforts, providing expertise, advice, direction or always-scarce senior management bandwidth.

Our firm has many years of experience in building, leading and consulting with software and hardware companies. PJM Consulting is a ready source for expert advice and hands-on assistance, providing you with the edge you need to grow your company in a highly competitive marketplace.

Our core functional competencies reside in the areas of General (P&L) Management, Product Marketing/Planning, Corporate/Business Development and Multi-Channel Distribution. However, PJM Consulting has broad experience building technology-based businesses and can assist in most aspects of company operations.The only thing we don't do is actually write software code (although we've managed many software projects).

PJM Consulting features an inter-disciplinary approach to performance improvement, which optimizes and integrates the critical functions of a tech business to dramatically accelerate marketplace traction.

Our domain experience spans many software and hardware markets and technologies - see our Services page for more details.

PJM Consultants have successfully attacked a wide variety of markets at a many different stages of company and market segment development. We have expertise in matching technologies with market needs, planning new products, penetrating new markets, introducing totally new technologies into existing markets, minimizing costs and wresting higher profits out of mature companies and product lines. Our specialty is the most difficult cases: Startups, turnarounds, new markets/technologies and other situations where market traction isn't optimal or not occurring at all—and needs to improve quickly. Rather than talking "at" you or simply writing a report, we work side-by-side with you, adding our experience and expertise to your internal resources to find creative solutions to the toughest business issues.

PJM Consulting is flexible, nimble & aggressive and can design an engagement to meet the needs of the almost any client.

Typical Management Consulting Engagements:

  • Advice and counsel to CEOs and other senior executives to enhance the probability of exceptional results
  • New product planning and market feasibility studies
  • Establishment/modification/implementation of worldwide distribution strategies
  • Online Marketing Campaigns (SEO, PPC, PR, Social Media, email, etc.)
  • New Strategies & Tactics for products that have failed to gain market traction
  • Operational review of corporate plans/staff/budgets
  • Sales force mentoring, effectiveness review & compensation plan review
  • Optimization of Marketing/Promotional mix within organizational budgetary constraints
  • Strategic Partner Planning, Selection and Recruitment
  • Channel strategy to optimize the existing network, add a new sales channel or penetrate a new international market
  • Establish a new subsidiary and startup market penetration activities for a foreign company entering the US market
  • M&A-Acquisition/divestiture strategy to optimize the product mix, as well as performing due diligence to verify details
  • Provide Interim or part-time senior management including CEO, COO, GM, VP Marketing, VP Sales, VP Business Development
  • Serve as a Permanent Member of the Board of Directors
  • Serve on Advisory Board of Early Stage Company

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