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Image Showing PJM Consulting is a Management Consulting  & Interim Executive Firm Serving Technology Companies

PJM Consulting is a management consulting practice focused on strategic and tactical improvement at software and technology companies. We work primarily with CEOs, Boards, investors, entrepreneurs and other “C” level executives who don’t believe their business is currently “clicking on all cylinders.”

We work on two levels:

  1. Development of overall strategies for businesses
  2. Tactical programs to improve revenue generation and profitability TODAY

PJM Consulting isn’t your typical “write a report and walk away” consulting firm. Our business model is to engage closely with the client to solve those intractable business issues that all companies in transition face. We don’t really consider ourselves to be “consultants” at all, in the classical sense. Think of us more as experienced, supplemental C-level executives that provide expertise and bandwidth not currently available on your senior staff. We can move your business forward either in a consulting capacity or providing Interim Executive Management. We focus on doing real work that needs to get done and bringing the results you need to succeed in your market.

Our clients are often early stage businesses, because that is where the toughest problems often reside. But we have worked for large and mid-sized companies as well, all the way up to Fortune 20 in size.

Our consultants have experience running complete organizations and managing a P&L. Our core competencies reside in General Management, Product Marketing, Business Development, M&A, Sales Channel Development, New Product Planning & Development, Turnarounds and Restarts. The domain experience of PJM Consulting is very broad within High Technology:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Consumer & B2B web-based applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Imaging/Graphics Software
  • Security, Systems Management & Network Management Software
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
  • Corporate & Home Networking
  • Wireless Communications
  • Computer Peripherals
  • Consumer Software Products
  • Systems & Asset Management Software
  • Network Management Software
  • Embedded Software & Systems
  • Electronic Components/Semiconductors
  • Programmers Tools
  • Mathematics Educational Software
  • Telematics/Mapping Software
  • Medical Software
  • Small & Medium Size (SMB) Business Software
  • Search Engine Software
  • Backup Software
  • Data Analytics Software
  • SEO Software & Services (SaaS)
  • IP-based Telecommunications Services
  • Vertical ERP Software (SaaS)

Phil Morettini of Software & Hardware consulting firm PJM ConsultingPhil Morettini
President, PJM Consulting

Mr. Morettini is an accomplished senior executive with over 20 years experience in High Tech businesses. In 2000 he founded PJM Consulting to provide practical, hands-on assistance to companies in the technology industry. PJM Consulting focuses on stimulating rapid improvements to the top and bottom lines of technology businesses. The practice’s core competencies are in Product Marketing, Business Development, Channel Development and M&A.

Mr. Morettini began his business career in as a Product Design Engineer in the automotive industry. After business school he transitioned into a long, successful run in High Technology businesses, originally in Product Marketing and later extending into Business Development, Sales Management and General Management. Prior to starting his consulting practice, he held positions such as President & CEO, VP/Division Manager, VP-Marketing & Sales in several High Tech enterprises.

The background of Mr. Morettini includes full P&L and general management responsibility, as well as managing product lines as large as $90M in revenue. Possessing broad domain experience within high tech, he has launched numerous new products and created new brands and pioneered new product categories. His experience spans many technologies and markets, from low cost consumer software to enterprise product and semiconductors. He has built and led international organizations, and specializes in pinpointing key intellectual property and exploiting it through multiple worldwide distribution channels. He has worked in and consulted with a variety of early stage companies as well as major corporations such as Hewlett Packard, Teledyne and Ford Motor Company.

Mr. Morettini earned a BS-General Engineering from the University of Illinois and an MBA from the University of Detroit.

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