Will Smartphones Replace PCs?

Smartphones are taking over the world–the tech world, at least. The computing buzz these days is decidedly mobile. The question is “where does it end”? Do Smartphones continue their growth until they are the dominant or sole computing platform, or does this trend stop somewhere short of that? Let’s look as some of the factors […]

High Tech Market Research for New Products

One of the biggest problems in High Tech businesses is that a “technology-driven” approach that tends to predominate, especially among startups. This shouldn’t be a surprise. Much of this occurs because many founders of software and hardware companies tend to come from an engineering, programming or other technical background. While this enables a strength in […]

Forecasting New Technology Products

Forecasting is a thankless job. It’s a lot like being a referee or umpire in your favorite sport; the only time a game official is noticed is when they do something wrong! Similarly, a forecaster’s primary aim is too stay out of the “news”. Make no mistake, forecasting is a very important function in any […]

Behavioral Marketing – What’s all the Fuss About?

There’s a “new” form of online marketing that’s all the rage, and is getting a lot of press these days. Different people call it different things, including “Behavioral Targeting”, but for the purposes of this discussion we’ll call it “Behavioral Marketing”. The most interesting thing about this technique is that it real isn’t new at […]

Keyword Discovery Site

I’ve run across yet another great free resource for marketing on the web. This site is focused on Search Engine Marketing (SEM). It’s specifically targeted at finding niche keywords to use in the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website, as well as keywords to use in your CPC advertising campaigns. What’s unique about this […]