You Should Scale Your Tech Company Sales Force When…..

Many people would finish the above sentence with something like “when you ship your first product”, “when you start your company” or “as soon as possible”. All have a similar meaning–everyone needs sales revenue and would like as many salespeople as possible to drive revenue growth. It seems logical that these are all appropriate responses–but […]

7 Biggest Issues Faced by Management Teams in Mature Software Companies

So you’ve broken through that difficult startup phase, become profitable and maybe even have reached a dominant share of you market segment. Times are good and that usually lasts for a while. You’ve become what’s known as a mid-sized or even a large software company. In much of this article we’ll refer to this stage […]

Has Interim Management & Virtual Employment Reached Critical Mass?

Are we heading towards what some have termed the “1099 economy”? For those of you outside of the US, 1099 refers to the tax form which defines money earned as coming from “contract work” rather than as a permanent employee of a company. I’ve heard that the era of the contract/temp/interim/consultant worker has arrived many […]

Balancing Strategy and Execution in Tech Companies

Most of us have heard some variation of the old axiom “Don’t worry about strategy, it’s all in the execution”. I often say myself that I prefer an average strategy and great execution to the opposite. But the reality is that in most cases in a tech business you need to do a pretty good […]