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Summer 2020



Welcome back to our quarterly newsletter. Well, it's certainly been a strange time the last few months. At least we can say it hasn't been boring. Although the lack of normal leisure-time pursuits such as watching sports, going out to eat at restaurants and getting a haircut may have bored many of us in our personal lives over the last few months.


But there is certainly nothing boring about managing a tech business through a once-every-century pandemic. It's quite challenging, and there are very few examples of recent playbooks available to guide you. So please feel free to ping me if you'd like to kick an idea around, or just need someone to commiserate with.


In our summer edition of the newsletter we again offer up 3 new articles, along with our rich catalog of existing resources. Two of the three articles are written specifically for the times we find ourselves living in. 


The first article is a review of nine marketing mistakes that I commonly see made by SaaS, cloud and mobile software companies. The second article is one of those specifically relevant to our current predicament, discussing the crazy idea of starting up a new business during a pandemic. Finally, in our third article we take a look at the "Zooming" of business and discuss whether or not this trend will have legs.


Again, if you want to discuss any of our articles - or anything else on your mind, please feel free to contact me using the email address or phone number below.



Now on the the new articles:




9 Common Marketing Mistakes Made By Software Companies


Marketing is always a challenge in a software company. It's a "what have you done for me lately" business. Utilizing best practices is critical, along with being creative using the ability to "think outside the box". But avoiding grievous errors may be the most important consideration of all. Here we take a look at nine mistakes that I encounter frequently:  Read Article



Is it Crazy to Launch a Startup Software Company During a Pandemic?


At first blush, starting up a new software company or even a new software business unit within a larger company during today's economy sounds like insanity. But many great software businesses have emerged from similarly challenging environments and if you look further, there are many potential advantages. Let's take a look at some of the rationale behind this contrarian approach: Read Article


Is There a Long-term Trend Away from Major US Tech Hubs Toward Distributed Teams & Remote Work?


I've been using Zoom with a number of clients for several years, so it's been kind of humorous to watch the entire rest of the world discovering it instantly and turning it into that new verb, "zooming". But from a larger perspective, how sustainable are some of the remote and decentralized trends which have been brought to the forefront by the pandemic? We'll discuss both sides of this argument: Read Article


I always welcome your feedback, regardless of the nature of it. Please use the article comment fields or send a personal email note if you prefer. Sharing this newsletter or its article links with your colleagues is also welcomed.

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