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spring 2017




It's late March and along with all the early new shoots of growth comes the Spring Edition of the Morettini on Management Newsletter! 

Hopefully your company is thriving so far in the new year. There are currently many opportunities and uncertainties in the technology industry - as there always is. The change in government in the US is certainly not the least of these. How's "Trumponics" treating you so far - wherever you're located? I'd love to hear your take on the current business environment, as well as your expectations going forward. 


As is our custom, we've go three new articles on important software and hardware company management topics. This quarter's articles include discussions on "no-no's" for a tech sales force, areas where startups often waste scarce resources and the importance of social sales and marketing techniques for technology companies in 2017. Use the links below to access the new articles; some of our more popular past articles are also linked in the right column below. 


Please call or email me if you'd like to have an informal discussion on any of these articles, or any other technology industry management topic. If you don't wish to engage on a personal level but still have an opinion to offer, please consider posting a comment directly to one of the articles.


I would also welcome your call if you have a potential engagement to discuss. Please reach out to me at your convenience; our contact information is at the bottom of the newsletter. Now to the newsletter articles: 



5 Sales Tactics A Tech Sales Force Should Never Use


There are many cook-book approaches to sales out there. I've never been a big proponent of any one particular sales methodology or approach. But I do feel strongly about what tech sales folks SHOULDN'T do:  Read Article



6 Common Areas Where a Tech Company Startup Budget is Wasted


Maximizing the runway afforded by your startup budget is a critical activity that can make the difference between ultimate success and premature crib death. This article discusses 6 types of spending to be cautious about early on: Read Article


B2B Social Selling and Marketing Strategy


What's working in your sales and marketing mix in 2017? Chances are that some of the more mature methods aren't working as well these days. Unless you've had your head in the sand for the last few years you've probably at least dipped your toes into social media sales and marketing. Here we discuss the whys and hows: Read Article


If you enjoy the articles, feedback in the form of comments or sharing this newsletter with your colleagues would be appreciated. 


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Lastly, please think of us for your consulting or interim management needs. PJM Consulting offers a variety of customized services that can improve the revenue and profitability growth of your business, including but not limited to: 

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