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Fall 2019



It's time for our Fall Newsletter, 2019. I hope that you are doing well. This quarter we'll head right to the new articles - let me know if you read anything you find interesting! If you want to contact us please use the information at the bottom of the newsletter. 


Here are our three new topics this month:



The Series A Funding Squeeze


Here's a topic that should be of great interest to our "early stage" readers. Fundraising and VCs are fascinating topics to most in the tech business. Here we discuss a phenomenon which has causes and repercussions throughout the investor and wider tech communities:  Read Article



Key Software Company Business Functions to Regularly Audit


Most software executives understand the need for "financial" audits. But are there other areas of the business where the "auditing" mentality is also critical to the health of the business? Take a look at our take on this topic: Read Article


Assembling the Best Tech Company Team


Besides simply hiring the "best" people, how do you go about putting together a great team at your software or hardware company? There's a lot of subtleties such as culture fit, allocation of scarce resources, etc. that factor into an optimal result. We'll examine a range of issues to consider in this article: Read Article


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Please think of us for your consulting or interim management needs. PJM Consulting offers a variety of customized services that can improve the revenue and profitability growth of your business, including but not limited to:

  • C-Level Coaching/advice/mentoring
  • Strategic Reviews
  • Assistance with growth initiatives such as a new division or M&A
  • Creation of  new marketing plans or distribution strategies
  • Provide Interim Senior Executives

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PJM Consulting offers "on-demand" management consulting and interim services for software & hardware companies (and their VC/PE investors). Contact us for a free consultation: More


Senior Management Consulting


PJM can design a consulting assignment to meet your specific needs. Whether it's coaching or mentoring,  a strategic review, forward business planning, M&A or another critical need, we'd be happy to discuss how we can help: More


Product Management & Marketing


We have special expertise and experience in customer and market facing activities. No matter whether its marketing strategy, new product planning, entering new international markets, or recruiting strategic partners, PJM Consulting can provide customized assistance: More


Distribution Channels

PJM Consulting has many years experience in developing, growing and restructuring multi-channel distribution networks. Whether you're currently have a direct-only model and desire to explore a partner network, have had a false start with a channel program or just want a "best practices" review of a successful program--PJM can help: More 


Interim Senior managers


PJM provides interim managers such as CEO/COO/Division Managers and VP-Sales/Marketing/Business Development on a full-time or part-time basis: More


SaaS management Consulting

Our firm has a specialty in the management of SaaS-based businesses. Whether you need a strategic review of your SaaS business, targeted consulting in a specific area of the business or an interim C-Level manager to fill a short term hole, we can help: More 




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